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Exam results for 2020 and 2021 assessments have not been published by the Government due to the impact of Covid-19 on exam and grading procedures.  For our 2019 data, see below.

As a Trust, our educational performance focus for the academic year 2021-22 is to exploit our maturity with our growing experience and expertise to improve standards across the Trust, with a specific focus on viewing this work through the lens of disadvantage.

In line with our current Strategic Plan, this will be partly achieved through a deep investment in outstanding professional development enabled through effective leadership, that secures great teaching in every classroom, every day.

Educational Performance

The success of the strategic plan will be evidenced specifically on the impact that it has on disadvantaged learners across the Trust. By applying the lens of disadvantage and seeing through the eyes of those presently experiencing disadvantage we will improve standards and support those who most need education and specifically, to achieve greater equity through education.

Improving standards | Raising the bar

We will use our quality assurance and assessment approaches to ask more challenging questions about provision; why is that there? We will seek to better understand our provision, by assuming less and enquiring more; investigating, understanding and explaining how provision links to learning, links to progress, links to outcomes, raises standards. We will seek the truth behind the data, match this with what we see within practice to identify bright spots and to kite mark excellence in the Trust. We will equally seek trails for those areas of provision, in each academy, that do not serve our children well. We have examples of excellence in all areas somewhere in the Trust; in order to secure high standards for all children it needs to cease to matter where, by who or how you are educated within our Trust.

Outstanding Professional Development | Deep investment in the Main Thing

We know that what all children need, particularly now, is Great Teaching; keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing. The quality of the educational provision secured through outstanding professional development (PD) will raise standards across the Trust. We also know that disadvantaged pupils and students thrive when teaching is effective; it is evident in our own data. We will invest deeply in Professional Development, in-line with the national changes, in particular, to support outstanding Professional Development, through PD Leads and pedagogy strategies in every academy. We will have stronger preferences and opinions on the teaching and pedagogy that matters, particularly for those presently experiencing disadvantaged. Empowering, recognising and publishing those that make a difference to all pupils and students they teach; exploiting the PD Platform, Networks and Communities. We will speak the language of Great Teaching and create the space, climate and opportunity for colleagues to develop professionally and continue to improve.

Effective Leadership | The key enabler

Leadership is the enabler that will improve standards and deliver outstanding Professional Development. The decisions we make as leaders determine the standards we drive and that which we accept. The quality of our senior teams through to middle and subject leadership determine and are responsible for the quality of provision across each academy. Our maturity as a Trust and the experience and expertise of our leaders should be having greater impact on the quality of provision and be securing better outcomes. We will build continue to build effective leadership, line management and quality of subject leadership supported through our communities and networks. Curriculum, pedagogy and assessment continue to be our focus, particular to ensure the intent, implementation and impact is secure; the connection between and development of these is what delivers excellent educational provision that raises standards.

Disadvantaged Strategy | Our chosen lens, barometer, litmus test

Our disadvantaged lens allows us to see a truth about the effectiveness of our provision. It is through this lens that we will judge our impact, our capability, our ability to make a difference, beyond that which may be attributed to advantage. It is for this reason that we choose disadvantage even over other groups, because this is our litmus test; the indication that we are moving the dial for disadvantaged learners.

In 2022-23 we will accelerate the disadvantage strategy to secure greater impact and improvement that better serve all disadvantaged learners. We will actively preference and privilege disadvantage in all areas of provision, seeking greater equity.

Principals and senior teams will be guided by their Pupil Premium Lead, to deliver a disadvantaged strategy that has demonstrable impact, ensuring that the strategies associated with effective teaching of oracy, increased sense of belonging and Benevolent Childhood Experiences are effectively implemented, quality assured and shared more widely so that practice becomes embedded.

Ultimately the attainment, progress and attendance of disadvantaged children is the key measure for the Trust and each Academy; as an indicator of the effectiveness of provision for those who most need it.

Dr Dan Nichols, Director of Education