The presence of Greta Thunberg at the Strike for Climate Change on College Green in Bristol on Friday provided a good opportunity for our schools to join together and engage students in this current and high profile debate.

Students from Hans Price Academy joined us at Broadoak Academy just before 11 a.m. on Friday 28th February.  Twenty three students from the two schools, who have shown commitment to environmental issues, were invited to watch Greta Thunberg’s speech live from College Green.

Before the live broadcast, students were addressed by Dr Watts, a science teacher from HPA who has worked in the plastics industry and is an expert in environmental science.  Students took part enthusiastically in an activity which examined the scientific evidence for climate change and the link between global warming and carbon emissions over a period of 400,000 years.

Students then listened to a range of speeches from young people, culminating in Greta Thunberg’s short address.  Her passion and commitment to improving the world for the next generation is clear to see. Greta spoke powerfully about the role of young people in having to becoming the ‘adults’ in safeguarding the future of the planet.

Jane Downes, Head of Year Nine said, “A lively debate followed the speech.  With an impressive level of articulacy, students discussed wide-ranging issues from the ethics of taking strike action to the question of scaremongering when it comes to climate change.  Finally, ideas and actions were shared and plans were made for future meetings and actions for positive impact on the environment.”