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About Us

Introduction & Background

The journey that has seen the development of the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) began in September 2007 when John Cabot Academy (JCA) and Bristol Brunel Academy (BBA) were opened on the same day. In September 2009 we were joined by Bristol Metropolitan Academy (BMA) and the CLF was formed, jointly sponsored by Rolls Royce PLC and the University of the West of England.

The CLF currently sponsors 15 academies: six primary academies, seven mainstream secondary academies, an all-through academy and a Studio School. CLF also has a Post 16 provision, located across six of our sites and a primary and a secondary re-engagement centre serving the same area. Together we educate 8000 children between the ages of 3 and 19.

Our vision

The core purpose of the CLF is at the ‘HEART’ of all that we do. Our vision is simple: we believe that by working together rather than in isolation we can accelerate school improvement and embed excellence in our academies. In doing so, we create more opportunities for lifelong success of our students as they become young adults.

Much of the broader mission of the Cabot Learning Federation has remained unchanged since the Trust began. The educational investment in consecutive generations of our communities via a proactive and deliberate approach to collaboration is still at the heart of CLF DNA.

The fundamental mission of the CLF will be that its work will bear the hallmarks of excellence in all that it does by 2020. In uncertain times it is through the ubiquitous culture of excellence and the highest standards in all aspects of its work that the CLF will be best placed to respond to the needs of its stakeholders throughout the period up to 2020 and beyond. There are elements of the Cabot Learning Federation that make it unique: the combination of the tight geographical concentration of its constituent parts, the diversity of the communities it serves and the range of provision it offers.

Though the CLF is not one of the larger Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) in the country, it commands a reputation as a leading MAT on the national stage. For those most closely associated with the CLF, the key binding agent is its deep-rooted moral purpose. The collaborative culture, which is the fundamental agent of accelerated improvement in the CLF, is able to exist because of the shared commitment of all involved in the federation to all of the pupils attending our schools.

The Federation exists in order to promote their life chances and to deliver excellent educational experiences for those pupils in our academies now and in the future.

The vision of ‘Embedding Excellence’ is expressed in the diagram above, with the overarching vision broken down into five areas which in turn are each further experienced as three sub-themes. In terms of interpretation, while the sub-themes themselves do not prescribe specific action, they form a framework within which planning and processes are couched (improvement planning, performance

management, etc.).

They also act as touchstones, as the hallmarks of CLF culture, work and practice. It should be possible for stakeholders to find evidence of these characteristics in all of the CLF’s constituent parts, supporting the notion that the CLF has a DNA which, though it will be open to local interpretation, will be present in all of its academies.

Our values

We have a hardworking and dedicated team who work within a collaborative culture. We aim to embed excellence in all that we do.  Our staff are fundamental in enabling us to achieve our aims. We look to recruit people who share the following values.