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Educational Performance


CLF Primary Academies continued to see a significant rise in attainment with percentage of students reaching expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths (RWM) reaching 63% (a year on year rise of 12%).

Outcomes at KS1 also continue to rise with 68% achieving RWM (increase of 7%). The CLF performed above the National average in combined RWM, in additional to the individual subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths (79%, 71%, 79%).

Phonics remains a strength with 80% of Year 1 students achieving (against national average of 71%). Equally performance at Early Years Foundation Stage is strong with 76% of students meeting expected standard and all CLF academies above the national average of 71%.


CLF Secondary Academies also saw a significant rise with Progress 8 across the trust rising from increasing by 0.2, one fifth of a grade for all students in all subjects.

Performance from Disadvantaged students also showed a marked increase to rise to -0.13 (which sits in top 30% nationally for disadvantaged students). The gap between Disadvantaged and other students has also decreased to be less than half of that found nationally.

Outcomes in Basics (4+ in English and Maths) continued the three year trend of increasing performance.

Post 16

Outcomes at Post 16 remain broadly in line with National, with significant progress made in academic subjects.