The hotly anticipated sequel to “Mr Blue Sky” is out!  Bristol Metropolitan Academy pays tribute to our NHS and other Frontline staff with their rendition of “Everybody needs Somebody” which can be viewed on this link:


Not to be outdone the CLF central team have produced their own lip sync video. Here is our version of Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Bristol Brunel Academy have gone the extra mile and recorded live vocals as well as some snazzy instrumental bits for their version of Reach by S Club Seven. Throw in the usual array of dogs & cats and the joyous sight of Lou Coles on a trampoline and here you have a perfect offering for a sunny bank holiday.

City Academy staff have produced their own lip sync version of Five’s, Keep on Movin’.


Hanham Woods Academy produced their version of Don’t stop Believin’ by Journey. To watch this video click here.

The academy first to release a video was Bristol Metropolitan. To watch their version of Mr Blue Skies by ELO click here.