CLF Update – Moving into Tier 3

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CLF Update – Moving into Tier 3

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In Summary

From December 2nd all Cabot Learning Federation Schools are in Tier 3 areas.

Tier 3

The Tier 3 rules mean:

  • All schools remain open.
  • All current safety measures remain in place. ‘Hands. Face. Space’.
  • In Secondary schools, face coverings should be worn by all adults (staff and visitors) and pupils:
    • when moving around indoors;
    • when in indoor social spaces.
  • The Rule of Six applies:
    • to and from school;
    • before and after school;
    • evenings and weekends and throughout the holidays.
  • Essential travel, for example for education or work, is permitted. Government advice says:
    • walk or cycle if possible;
    • avoid busy times and routes on public transport;
    • if you do use public transport, wear a face covering;
    • avoid car sharing with anyone from outside your household.
  • Unless isolating and / or ill, children must continue to attend school.