Update on Increased Measures (Secondary Academies)

Since the start of the pandemic, our Cabot Learning Federation academies have taken steps to minimise the spread of Covid-19, in line with guidance issued by our local Directors of Public Health and in response to Government updates. You will be aware that additional Covid protocols have been in place across the South West region since half term and that these were recently extended to the end of November. This includes all Cabot Learning Federation Secondary Academies and CLF P16. We are writing to you now to confirm that due to the recently identified Omicron variant, these additional measures will continue until at least the end of this term.

What we are doing in our academies

  1. We will not be holding large gatherings indoors in any Cabot Learning Federation academy with mixed age groups until at least the end of term. Any gatherings planned before the end of term in any of our academies have been checked on a case by case basis with Public Health England to ensure our controls are appropriate. Any events currently planned may have to be cancelled if that guidance changes.
  2. We will continue to maintain our enhanced cleaning routines.
  3. We will keep spaces well ventilated; this may occasionally mean that your child will be invited to wear their coat indoors.
  4. We will continue to support the wider vaccination programme and share any information that is passed to us about how those who are not yet vaccinated may access this service.
  5. All staff, parents/carers, visitors and pupils should wear a face covering whilst indoors in communal areas. We would also ask parents/carers and visitors to wear a face covering when on the school premises, including at pick up and drop off.

What we need our families to do

  1. Your child should continue to come to school with a face covering until at least the end of this term. They should expect to wear this throughout the day in communal areas. With the exception of those who are exempt from wearing a face covering for health reasons, students who do not bring a face covering to school will either have the option to purchase one on site, or they will be requested to return home to collect one. It would be sensible to ensure that your child has spares in their coat and blazer pockets and in their bag.
  2. Students should continue to take lateral flow tests at home twice weekly for the coming weeks.
  3. Please ensure that your child stays at home if they are unwell with Covid symptoms and arrange for them to have a PCR test. If the result is positive, they should isolate for 10 days, in line with national guidance.
  4. If your child has COVID symptoms, but the PCR test is negative, they must continue to stay at home until they are well enough to return and until 24 hours after the fever passes. (Your academy will update you further, should more guidance be available on this point).
  5. If someone in your household tests positive, your child may still come to school until their own PCR test result comes through, if they take a lateral flow test each day and continue to receive a negative result. If you are given different advice by Test and Trace please following their guidance and advise your school.

Thank you for your considerable support throughout this period, and for your flexibility in continuing to work with these new, revised arrangements.

Read the latest guidance in full from the Government issued on Saturday, November 27

Your school will continue to keep all of our parents and carers updated with any changes to our Covid controls as we are asked to make them in the interests of public health.

21.11.29 Secondary parent COVID update