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Lateral Flow Testing

In December 2020 the Government announced their intention to introduce rapid-result testing in secondary schools and FE colleges from January 2021 with two aims: to identify those who are carrying the virus without displaying symptoms, reducing the risk of transmission and reduce the need for identified close contacts to self-isolate, therefore being able to continue to benefit from high quality education.

Since then our secondary and P16 settings have created safe testing areas in their buildings and trained staff in the testing procedures. Testing is underway for all staff and students who are attending site during the lockdown and will be rolled out to all students and staff when we are able to reopen fully.

  • Academy staff will have weekly tests
  • Students will have two tests as the academies being to reopen fully. After this should they be identified as a close contact they will receive daily testing for seven days. This will ensure they can continue to come to school.

Testing is voluntary but the government is strongly encouraging participation to reduce the risk of transmission within schools and colleges.

Should a student / member of staff not wish to consent to testing they will be able to remain in school however should they be identified as a close contact they would need to self-isolate for 10 days.

Your academy will have been in contact with you to provide further information and request consent. If you have any questions please contact them directly. Copies of the documents they will have shared with you are below.

How Testing Works

Your child will be allocated a time to enter the testing area. They will be provided with a registration card and swab. They will complete the swabbing process themselves (support is provided but we can only do the swabbing for them in exceptional circumstance – if you feel your child will need this support please contact your academy). For more information on the swabbing process click here.

Registration is completed on the NHS online platform. Your academy will have shared with you how they are managing this part of the process. The information provided at consent will be used for registration. After the test and registration is complete the test outcome will be text and/or emailed to the accounts provided.