Our People

Lou Roscoe

Associate Assistant Principal

“I took part in the Middle Leadership course in order to become more confident in my own leadership”

I never intended to become a teacher. I was always going to be a journalist, or a social worker. After studying Psychology at University I spent much of my time travelling, seeing places I’d always wanted to see and (without trying to sound like a cliché) figuring out what it was I wanted to do.

I had arrived in Cambodia and found myself talking to a girl who was volunteering at a local orphanage. She suggested that I joined her and I went, seeking to experience something new. I didn’t realise that that decision would change my life.

I returned from travelling wanting to work with young people, wanting to improve their life chances, and wanting to teach. I signed up to do a PGCE at Bath Spa and soon took up an NQT post at Bristol Brunel Academy as an RE teacher; when the opportunity to teach Psychology for A-Level and GCSE arose I jumped at the opportunity to move across into my specialism.

Having taught for 8 years I decided that I had the experience to apply for a Senior Leadership role, where I could help make and influence decisions that would make greater impact on young peoples’ lives; I applied, and was accepted into the Associate Assistant Principal role with responsibility for student welfare, culture and ethos. I’m a hugely positive person with a focus on rewarding students for their hard work and dedication, and the work I am now doing works closely within this key belief of mine.

The CLF have been hugely supportive of me and, within that, my beliefs in the individual child. I took part in the Middle Leadership course (amongst other CPD opportunities that have been set up by the federation) in order to become more confident in my own leadership, but they have also been open and facilitative in enabling me to establish and lead inclusivity groups within BBA (LGBTQ+, BAME and Disability).

Whilst my experiences and understanding of education have changed in my career, my fundamental beliefs have remained the same since that day in the Cambodian orphanage; every child matters, and education has a huge part to play in helping children of all backgrounds and beliefs to improve their life chances and reach their potential; I’m lucky to be in a position where I play a part in that, and I’m incredibly proud to do so.