Teaching staff at Frome Vale Academy have introduced a novel way for pupils to look after and care about their local environment and themselves. One way that pupils can achieve this is by applying for the positions of First Aiders.

The team of pupil First Aiders patrol the playground at break and lunchtimes and will be the initial response if another pupil is hurt or upset. One First Aider will stay with the pupil and take them to the sick room while the other pupil will find a member of staff to deal with the incident. It is hoped that in the near future pupils will attend First Aid courses specifically designed for children.

This initiative is part of Frome Vale’s values of which there are twelve values in total. This term’s value is ‘responsibility’, and this is undertaken by pupils applying for various jobs advertised throughout the school. Students are put through an application process, including an interview with the Principal and then pupils are appointed to various posts. As well as First Aiders, jobs advertised included, dining hall monitors, litter pickers, library monitors and recyclers.

Jan Saunders, Principal of Frome Vale said, “This initiative really demonstrates to us that our children are what we call Frome Vale citizens. The children have excitedly engaged with this and we have received numerous applications for these posts. Our pupils are really proud of their school and environment and this project has given them a real voice in how this and other aspects of school life are managed.”