Hans Price Academy (HPA) will be oversubscribed for the first time this September with all 240 places in Year seven taken. This is the first time a school on this site has been oversubscribed. This is a massive achievement when you consider only five years ago HPA admitted just 96 students into year 7.

The culture of the Academy has played a significant role in the rising popularity of the school. Students are very much focused on their learning with an overwhelming emphasis on the academy’s ‘Ready to Learn’ policy which enables students to feel safe and valued and ensures their lessons are disruption free.

Feedback from the local community has been really positive.  The reputation and perception of the Academy has become better and better and the local community speak of an Academy in which students work hard, receive good exam results, are well looked after and well cared for.

The academy has been recognised by the education watchdog Ofsted, as continuing to be ‘Good’.  During this inspection Ofsted noted that, “Staff morale is high” and “The school is increasingly the school of choice for local parents and carers because leaders have established a culture of learning and high aspiration.”

Tony Searle, Principal of Hans Price Academy said, “This is an amazing achievement for our community.  The staff at Hans Price Academy work exceptionally hard to provide an excellent experience for our students every day. The excellent support of our community, parents and carers makes this all the more possible.”