Hans Price Academy staged its own version of Question Time as four members of different political parties were grilled by students for 90 minutes ahead of the Election on the 12th December.

Over 300 students from Year 9 and 10 questioned Tim Taylor Labour, John Penrose Conservative, Patrick Keating Liberal Democrats, and David Clegg Green Party on a variety of issues the country is currently debating.

Top of the list was of course, Brexit and the impact that could have nationally. Other subjects covered in this highly charged debate were the NHS, Employment, law and order and of course Education.

Carlo Hooper, Unit Leader for Citizenship said, “Our students were brilliant during this debate. The panel all agreed that there were some really insightful informed questions asked by students. I think it is vitally important that we give our students access to members of differing political parties and their views, so our students can start to form views of their own on these very important issues of the day.”