Students at King’s Oak Academy put on the spectacular Rocky Monster Show for their annual production. Bizarre, anarchic and very funny, this rock ‘n’ roll musical is a riotous mix of the Addams Family, Young Frankenstein and Phantom of the Opera, with Rebecca and The Rocky Horror Show thrown in for good measure!

Involving months of rehearsal, over 50 students from Years 7-11 took part on and off stage. The show was performed in front of sell-out audiences who clapped and sang along to the hit songs the students performed.

The plot surrounds Baron Frankenstein’s descendant, an ex-pop star turned professor of Genetics, who creates DNA moulds of people in his computer. How these moulds come to life as the ultimate Rock Group, headed by a clone of Elvis himself, is the highlight of the hilarious plot. More traditional monsters also add spice to the explosive mixture. The audience loved the rock ‘n’ roll score, much of which is an affectionate send-up of the 60’s.

In excess of £400 was also raised for the Kelsey Smart Forever Fund Meningitis Now.

This year’s annual musical is dedicated to Mr Gary Kennedy, performing arts technician, who sadly passed away recently and was a great supporter of the expressive arts.

Tim Warren, Team leader of Performance and Participation said, “The students worked incredibly hard both on and off stage and were brilliant in every way, Gary would have been extremely proud of them and their efforts. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.”