Hanham Woods Academy hosted an inaugural netball tournament that was attended and sponsored by the RAF.

The tournament for Year 9 and Year 10 students saw teams from Hanham Woods, Winterbourne Academy, Bristol Metropolitan Academy, City Academy, John Cabot Academy, Downend School, Cotham School and King’s Oak Academy take part.

After a morning of mini league matches, under extremely hot conditions, a healthy lunch was cooked and supplied by an RAF team of chefs.

In the afternoon the Year 9 final saw Winterbourne Academy beat Hanham Woods Academy and the Year 10 final Hanham Woods beat Winterbourne Academy. Although both finals were fiercely competitive, they were played with great sportsmanship by all teams.

Not only do the RAF support sport at Hanham Woods but they are regular exhibitors at career events at the Academy, previously Over 300 students from Year 7&8 at the Academy were inspired and motivated by a visit from the RAF roadshow. The ‘fun with flight’ presentation delivered by RAF staff looked at the history of flight, including the science behind vertical take-off, they even fired up a mini jet engine!

Rebecca Roberts, Physical Education Teacher who organised the tournament said, “Netball at Hanham Woods is going from strength to strength and there is fierce competition for places in the squads. This tournament pits our girls against some strong opposition and was a real test for them. I would also like to thank the RAF for their continued support and sponsorship, without them this event would not have taken place!”