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Bristol Futures is an Alternative Provision providing education for 14 -16 year olds, who have found mainstream schooling difficult for a variety of reasons. We opened in our newly refurbished school building in Barton Hill in September 2016, offering individualised learning packages and support programmes for every one of our students.

This is an exciting and innovative approach to supporting young people in our community. Although I have spent most of my career in mainstream education, I have also spent several years in alternative provision and special education, working with young people who have a variety of needs. I am passionate about improving the futures of all young people and Bristol Futures aims to improve the engagement, motivation, confidence and academic achievement of those, who are unable to thrive in a mainstream school setting.

The students value the approachability and individual support of staff.

DfE November 2018

Relationships between staff and pupils are impressive. Strong relationships enable pupils to build trust with adults. This trust helps pupils feel safe and secure.

 Parents and carers are highly appreciative of the work of leaders and staff in the school.

Pupils’ conduct during the inspection was typically good. They were respectful, polite and courteous.

Pupils made many favourable comments about the school. ‘Staff understand us and there is mutual respect’, ‘We treat each other as a family so we no longer fight’ and ‘Staff believe in us’ were typical of the many positive comments made by pupils.

…parents who responded to Ofsted’s online parent questionnaire were delighted with the quality of education their children receive. ‘I feel my son has progressed 10-fold at this school’ and ‘If it wasn’t for this school, my child wouldn’t have half the things he does now, I don’t know where he would have ended up’ are just two of the positive comments read by inspectors.

Ofsted 2019

If you would like to become involved in actively supporting the school, please contact us about becoming a governor, volunteering or working 1:1 as a mentor to our students.

More detail on what the provision is

We believe all young people are entitled to an inspiring and engaging education, which will enable them to achieve meaningful futures; in terms of careers, personal independence and an ability to make a positive contribution to society. This is why we use a specialist delivery model, which we continue to develop with our mainstream colleagues form Cabot Learning Federation. We strive to provide personalised, flexible and innovative programmes of study centred around the needs of each individual student.

At Bristol Futures, we enable our students to overcome barriers to learning and equip them with the skills they need to for success and progression, whether this is re-integration into a mainstream provision or progression onto Post 16 study, apprenticeship or another pathway.

We have adopted an inclusive, preventative, proactive and personalised approach to learning. We work in partnership with other schools, Bristol City Council, parents, carers, the Police and local employers to inspire and motivate students.

When our students leave us, we want them to be ambitious for their futures. We believe that our attitude towards their learning can help them overcome the challenges they face and encourage them to be a positive member of society.

Qualifications (where appropriate)/curriculum offer

We understand that not all young people thrive at mainstream schools. An alternative curriculum and approach to education is sometimes required to address the specific needs of individual students. Students will study for academic qualifications including GCSEs in English, Mathematics and PSHE, as well as a range of other qualifications supported by the local and regional schools in our Trust (Cabot Learning Federation).

Our curriculum is varied and flexible, so we are able to offer personalised programmes to all students. All students will work with a key adult to construct an individual timetable based on the students’ interests, aptitudes and future progression plans.

All full time students will study a core offer at the appropriate level:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Creative Media
  • Personal and Social Development (including citizenship, study skills, PSHE, employability skills)
  • Personal vocational projects

We also have a number of optional programmes available:

  • Catering
  • Autosport (including bicycle maintenance, mopeds and car mechanics)
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Multi-skills (including carpentry, painting and decorating)
  • Art
  • Science
  • English Literature
  • Work experience placements
  • Other GCSEs and programmes offered on an individual basis.

A selection of strong photos of children learning (make sure you have permission)

Information on admissions

Admission to Bristol Futures is via the Bristol Inclusion Panel (BIP) or through SEN referrals from regional local authorities. Bristol schools refer students to BIP and places can be allocated to a variety of Alternative Learning Provision (ALP) across the city, including Bristol Futures. We also take direct referrals for looked after children from the Hope School.

Students are also admitted to Bristol Futures through SEN consultation via the local authorities. Colleagues in SEN are encouraged to contact the school if they consider that Bristol Futures is appropriate for a student in their care. We welcome consultations from across the region.


Bristol Futures
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Bristol Futures Centre Lead
Kay Sarpong

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