City School’s vision is to provide our young people with the skills, experiences and qualifications to secure a positive and prosperous future. We deliver Alternative Provision, which recognises that students are all individuals with different strengths and areas to develop. We use these strengths to build success, whilst acknowledging areas to develop; to create learning opportunities and develop bespoke programs to support all students to thrive.

Welcome from Centre lead

​Welcome to Snowdon Village City School. At City school we aim to provide a tailored curriculum for students at Key Stage 4, who have been excluded or find it difficult to cope in mainstream education. At City School we really value Learning outside the Classroom (LOTC) and create opportunities to do this wherever possible. The name City School was inspired by the work that Forest Schools do, instead of using forests and the outdoors we embrace the resources of the city to help educate our students. Students at City School will benefit from the vibrant and diverse opportunities that the city of Bristol offers. They will be supported to follow a bespoke curriculum that allows them to develop their academic performance, whilst also building the skills needed to thrive is today’s society. Using our sites across the city in Knowle and St Lawrence as a base, the city of Bristol is our extended classroom. Students will spend a proportion of their day at one of our bases in classroom-based activities, and the rest of the day accessing the cultural, sporting, creative and therapeutic resource of the city.

We understand that not all young people thrive at mainstream schools. An alternative curriculum and approach to education is required to address the specific needs of individual students. Students will study for academic qualifications including GCSEs in English, Mathematics and Science, as well as a range of other qualifications supported by the local and regional schools in our Trust (Cabot Learning Federation).

Curriculum Offer

Our aim is to see all students achieve at least five qualifications that are relevant to them. These may include GCSE, Functional Skills or other Level 2 qualifications that will provide full access to College courses and further education. We will use our Trust to be able to access a range of academic qualifications to match the interests, aspirations and skills of our young people. In this way, we can develop a bespoke curriculum offer that has a specific focus on the next steps in life for our young people (for example if a student who attends City School has an interest in a qualification we do not offer we will use our network within the CLF to ensure they have the opportunity to study it at their school with the support of a City School staff member escorting them to and from their lesson).

Alongside the academic curriculum, it is essential that our students feel valued and respected, understanding their place in their local area, their city and the world at large. We work with a plethora of outside agencies and providers to truly address the specific skills of our students. We work with colleagues from industries including Construction, Health and Beauty, Sport and Fitness, Education and Training, Public services and the emergency services to provide students with the opportunity to see their future.

Information on admissions

Admission to Snowdon Village City School is via the Bristol Inclusion Panel (BIP) or through SEN referrals from regional local authorities. Bristol schools refer students to BIP and places can be allocated to a variety of Alternative Learning Provision (ALP) across the city, including the City School. We also take direct referrals for looked after children from the Hope School.

Students are also admitted to City School through SEN consultation via the local authorities. Colleagues in SEN are encouraged to contact the school if they consider that the City School is appropriate for a student in their care. We welcome consultations from across the region.