The Nest

Welcome From the Centre Lead

The core purpose at The Nest is one where all staff promote social inclusion and educational skills, linking academic progress and ‘learning to learn’ (through Learning Gems).

 The philosophy of ‘Nurture’ is central to the curriculum; thus staff work and plan together to enable pupils to access a differentiated, aspirational, academic curriculum, which is designed to challenge and engage.

Our curriculum has been created based on the understanding that attainment only follows when pupils feel valued, trusted and held in positive regard.


Our curriculum is carefully planned and taught, ensuring that children are successful and engaged. The curriculum matches the age-related skills from the  New Primary Curriculum and is taught as a cross-curricular model. Children also receive discreet lessons in Maths, Spelling, Phonics and Reading.

During the afternoon, learning is centred around Thrive and the individual/groups needs of the children, through a carousel approach.

All efforts are made to match the Thrive activities to the Termly Learning Topic.

Other subjects, such as Art, Computing, PSHE, Music, PSHE and RE will also run alongside the Thrive activities and are generally lead by a Learning Mentor.

Children also take part in weekly Nest Natters, where they are encouraged to share their opinions, beliefs and thoughts and feelings. These ideas are then incorporated into the termly planning.


The Nest referral process takes place once a term. Schools are invited to complete referral forms detailing the profile of the child and all support/interventions have taken place. When these referrals have been sent in, staff from The Nest will visit the settings to make observations about the child. The Heads Referral Panel consists of a wider forum for schools to share their referral with support and advice from the panel. After the presentations, a smaller sub-panel meet to decide on outcomes. Schools will be contacted about the help/support that The Nest can offer and if a place for the child has been successful.

The Nest can offer Outreach work and CPD for staff working with vulnerable pupils in mainstream settings.

  • For CLF Primary Schools this is paid for through their annual buy in contribution.
  • All BCC schools who require outreach or CPD for their settings will be charged for this work.
  • Many CLF Primary Schools ask for transition support for vulnerable children in Year 6, in order to support their transition into Secondary Schools. As per the agreement, this transition support continues for all of Term 1.
  • Mel Burdon conducts weekly visits to these pupils.


The Nest,
Fromevale Academy,
Frenchay Road,
BS16 2QS
TEL: 0117 353 2902