Our Vision


To consistently deliver excellent educational experiences for pupils aged 3-19, improving their life chances and serving the communities of which we are a member.


The core purpose of the CLF is at the HEART of all we do. Our vision is simple: we believe that by working together rather than in isolation we can accelerate school improvement and embed excellence in our academies. In doing so, together we can create more opportunities for the lifelong success for our students as they become young adults.

The fundamental mission of the CLF is that its work will bear the hallmarks of excellence in all that it does. Aspiring to the highest standards in all aspects of its work means the CLF is best placed to respond to the needs of its stakeholders.

There are elements of the Cabot Learning Federation that make it unique. The combination of the tight geographical concentration of its constituent parts, the diversity of the communities it serves and the range of provision it offers to pupils, staff and governors. It is one of the largest and most mature Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) in the South West, and though it is not one of the larger MATs in the country, it commands a reputation as a leading MAT on the national stage.

For those most closely associated with the CLF, the key binding agent is its deep-rooted moral purpose. The collaborative culture, which is the fundamental agent of accelerated improvement in the CLF, is able to exist because of the shared commitment of all involved in the federation to all of the pupils attending our schools. The federation exists in order to promote their life chances and to deliver excellent educational experiences for those pupils in our academies now and in the future.

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CEO: Mr Steve Taylor
Federation House
King's Oak Academy
Brook Road, Bristol
BS15 4JT
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