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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) recognises that having a diverse workforce is vital to our success. Our report enables us to have continued, meaningful conversations with our Academy Senior Leaders about equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds, across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset and in order for us to give our students the best possible life chances that they deserve, our workforce needs to reflect them.

One of the Federation’s core purposes is to create equity of opportunity and remove disadvantage and whilst we are confident that we are making progress towards this in our workforce, we are still on a journey, which is evidenced in the gap in our gender data.

Our Gender Pay Gap report explores some of the historical, wider norms in society impacting our figures. We see it as our responsibility to understand and address the reasons behind it, and believe it is much more important to take meaningful action to drive equality and inclusivity rather than focusing entirely on the numbers themselves.

The value of this data is in the questions it raises, and the subsequent action we take as a Federation. These statistics provide a valuable means for us to continue to challenge our equality and diversity agenda.

The CLF remains committed to reducing its gender pay gap and continues to pursue the following initiatives to support our equality and diversity agenda:

  • The Federation has made gender equality a central part of its equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.
  • Support for women returning to work from maternity leave: through various flexible working arrangements including, job sharing, part time opportunities, home working and other paid and unpaid leave.
  • The Federation are creating a job evaluation system for all professional support services roles across the Federation. It is anticipated that this will be implemented within the next academic year and will further provide reassurance that each role is objectively evaluated on the knowledge, skills and experience required.
  • Succession planning across the Federation, with a focus on equality and diversity. Our succession planning currently identifies future potential leaders, and now needs to go beyond this to continue to provide future leaders with clear development opportunities and support to achieve their potential.

Ian Payne
HR Director | Cabot Learning Federation | March 2019