Frighteningly spooky commute to school

Children across Minerva Primary Academy decorated their bikes, scooters and skateboards with a theme of Halloween, to promote active travel to school today. Parents and carers supported their children to be creative with recycled materials.

Egg boxes were turned into scary spiders and pillowcases into spooky ghosts. Everyone enjoyed celebrating such imaginative creations in assemblies whilst remembering the important message of ‘be safe, be seen’ in the winter months.

As a school, staff noticed that there was also a significant reduction in traffic outside the school gates.

Jenny Harvey Principal of Minerva Academy said, “We are hoping that this inspires children to walk, cycle or scoot every day.  Well done to everyone who joined the fun and a big thank you to Catherine Archer who organised the event.”

This is how the Fishponds Voice Reported it.

Frighteningly spooky commute to school