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Each Academy within the Federation has its own set of policies and these can be found on the relevant academy website.  There are also a number of policies that apply to the Federation as a whole.  These can be accessed below:

As society and the composition of students, staffing and the communities we serve continuously change, there is an on-going need to ensure that the CLF remain alert to the needs and rights of groups and individuals, and that equality, diversity and inclusion underpins all we do. These opportunities include:

a) Ensuring that all students maximise their potential regardless of their background or characteristics.

b) Responding to the changing diversity of our students, communities or colleagues and the opportunities this presents.

c) Addressing under representation within the work place and in particular within leadership positions. Broad representation is key to ensuring that both pupils and staff have positive role models to provide inspiration and ambition.

d) Deliberately pursing strategies to ensure fair and equal pay opportunities for different groups, including addressing the gender pay gap.

e) Harnessing the power and leverage of leadership within our Academies

f) Celebrating the opportunities created through EDI

At the Cabot Learning Federation we know that in order to meet the needs of all stakeholders we need a diverse talent pool that supports the pursuit of equity on behalf of all stakeholder groups.

We recognise that supporting a diverse organisation is a continuous process where long term and sustainable plans are key. We recognise that attracting, advancing, developing, engaging and retaining a diversity of talent is important; alongside delivering equity of opportunity for our pupils whilst fostering an inclusive culture where differences are valued and enhanced. This is a continuous process where long term and sustainable plans are key.

The CLF holds a long and deep commitment to welcoming diversity, examples of which are demonstrated on a day-to-day basis throughout all academies and entities within the Federation. The culture of our organisation has supported the aim to positively encourage EDI; indeed the pursuit of equity is enshrined in our core purpose.