Cabot Learning Federation Hosts Pupil Parliament

An initiative designed to give students and understanding of democracy and a voice in their school community has been held by the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF).

The Pupil Parliament brings together representative pupils from each CLF academy to discuss important issues and topics identified by the students themselves.

Twenty-five children from KS1 to Post 16 pupils spent time connecting,

co-constructing, and exploring their aims, aspirations, and thinking together about our collective responsibility.

The Pupil Parliament included two significant areas of focus –

  • Looking after the world – climate action: With the support of CLF Eco Leads, students explored ways to promote environmental sustainability.
  • Looking out for each other – inclusion and diversity: Pupils delved into themes of inclusivity and diversity, highlighting the importance of these values in their communities.

Pupils and students offered some really useful and insightful feedback on the World’s Largest Lesson and the Big Ambition themes.

The World’s Largest Lesson promotes use of the sustainable development goals in learning so children and young people can contribute to a better future for all.

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, published The Big Ambition, compiling the voices, views and experiences of children about their lives and aspirations.

Pupils also gave feedback and reflections on the TED talk they watched delivered by Cole Blakeway with the theme of We Are All Different – and THAT’S AWESOME! Which further explored inclusion and diversity.

At the end of the session, all the Pupil Parliament representatives were given their Big Parliament badges, some wildflower seeds and teamwork bees to plant, grow and flourish – representing the work of the Pupil Parliament across the trust.

CLF Education Director Susie Weaver said: “It has been my absolute privilege to lead the Pupil Parliament group over a number of years – gathering feedback from our learners on their experiences within and beyond our trust is crucial.

“I am really pleased with the strides we have made in securing pupil participation right across the trust.”




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