CLF Snowdon Village First Trauma Informed School in Bristol

CLF Snowdon Village First Trauma Informed School in Bristol

The Cabot Learning Federation is extremely proud to announce that Snowdon Village, after a rigorous two-day assessment, has become the first Trauma Informed School’s (TIS) group of schools in Bristol.

Snowdon Village is the term used to describe the family of alternative provision schools that sits within the Cabot Learning Federation. The four schools are The Nest, Engage, Bristol Futures Academy and City School.

Each school within Snowdon Village provides education to students (ages 4 – 16) who have been excluded from mainstream schools or who have specific learning needs which mean they find it difficult to cope in a mainstream setting.

A trauma informed school (TIS) is recognising as using appropriately trained staff to deliver a number of interventions that are able to support children and teenagers who suffer with trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behaviour acts as a barrier to learning.

Assessors from TIS said they were ‘highly impressed by the standard of practise [at Snowdon Village] and thoroughly enjoyed the visit’, adding: “The school is led by a dedicated and trauma-aware Principal who, with the support of the Academy Council, ensures both the pupils’ and staff’s mental health needs are supported and given priority.”

When children have suffered several painful life experiences and are not provided with the support they need at the time, there is a very high probability they will later suffer severe mental and/or physical ill-health. Providing relationships for these children that heals minds, brains and bodies is just one of the ways in which Snowdon Village works with their students.

Angela Hart, Centre Manager at Snowdon Village and lead for the TIS project, said: “I am extremely proud to have led this piece of work alongside my amazing team. Seeing the positive outcomes for our students and families, knowing we have affected lives, as a direct result of our specialism, is a privilege.”

Alex Davies, Principal of Snowdon Village, said: “This is a huge achievement and I would like to congratulate Angela for leading on this piece of work. Angela has worked tirelessly on this, not just over the past two years but over her lifetime at Snowdon Village and I hope she feels as proud as we do of her. I know Angela would be the first person to say that awards like this are not given to one person. It takes a village to raise a child and everyone has played a part in achieving this so I would like to thank all of my staff for the work they do and the part they play in ensuring our children are safe and happy.”